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Drone Sports Entertainment

"If you thought watching eSports was fun,

wait till you fight flying robots in real life." 

                                              - Tech Crunch

Since 2011 the Aerial Sports League has been a global leader in drone sports entertainment & media.  With over 1 million live spectators, the ASL has pioneered robotic sports entertainment for the masses. 

Join ASL and launch into the fastest growing sport on the planet!

What people are saying about Aerial Sports League...

"A modern Chuck E. Cheese for adults."

                                     - Popular Mechanics

"That was amazing.  I feel like I just got off a roller coaster.  I can see why this is so addicting."

- Audrina Patridge, NBC 1st Look

"ASL's Drinks & Drones is the coolest event on the planet"

- Sally French, The Drone Girl

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