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Drone Hardware sales
enterprise and education

Used by NASA Applied Physic Lab, the US Department of Defense, Multiple Universities, High Schools and Drone Sports Organizations when a sturdy, reliable - nearly indestructable - airframe is required.

ASL's design team developed a truly unique airframe using ballisic-rated materials not found in other designs at any price.  This airframe is only available to enterprise, government and educational organizations at this time.

Indestructable airframes for training, stem, and industry

HIRO airframes are designed to take abuse, harsh weather and crashing without breaking and protecting vital components.

IMG_0168 (1).jpeg

Airframes are available in bulk to enterprise, government and university users

Each indestructable airframe includes:

  • Nylon zip connectors

  • Rubber gasket with self adhesive

  • Basic assembly instructions

  • Kits can also include electronics, avionics, radios and other components. Contact us directly for details.

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