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Event Production services

The Aerial Sports League has expanded our an award-winning drone event and entertainment company. We now produce events as the Museum of Future Sports (MoFS), offering a diverse range of activations and performances, including drone sports, RC racing games, immersive environments, virtual reality & esports.

MoFS brings years of experience to each and every event.  We work with your team to insure a custom bespoke engagement and the highest levels of safety and professionalism.  


1-on-1 Drone

FLight training

Our most popular engagement!


Your guests will be flying within 5 minutes, navigating through gates and hitting targets like a pro.

Guests receive one-on-one instruction from professional instructors. Sessions last approximately 5 to 7 minutes each, allowing many guests to receive training during your event.


This engagement is perfect for kids and a great cocktail party addition for adults.

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“Driver’s Seat” RC FPV Racing

Head-to-head RC car racing featuring remote-control cars modified with 
 on-board video cameras.

This is a fun, intuitive activity that anyone can master in minutes. Multiple cars can be raced around a track or compete in obstacles and stunt games.


Competitions, time-trials, leader board and co-op games can be structured to create a fun and flexible team building activity.


VR Social media Selfie Booth

We developed this exclusive virtual reality social experience that puts you right into today’s most popular VR games.


PLUS we create and share personalized selfie gameplay videos with each attendee that they can easily post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.

Your event logos and custom graphic overlays can be embedded on each video to create a unique, event-specific branding opportunity.


Event Inquiries

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