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SAN JOSE, CA – August 13, 2019   


Aero Sports Association and Aerial Sports League held a signing ceremony on August 13 at ASA’s headquarters in San Jose, CA

















The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by ASA’s president Shudong Li and ASL’s CEO Marque Cornblatt. The vice-president of ASL Douglas Burnet, as well ASA’s Director of Creative Operations Miguel Iniguez and ASA’s Chief Finance Officer Jenny He were in attendance.

ASA and ASL have agreed to work with Hiller Museum to set up an annual international aviation forum, an international aviation education base, a drone sports and combat training base, and will also set up an invention lab for drone technologies to test and develop drones at Hiller Museum in San Carlos, California.















The ASA Anyang Aero Sports Theme Park + flight camp design is complete, which ASA started to build at the Anyang International Aero Sports City has been progressing smoothly. In accordance with Anyang city’s cultural heritage and industrial characteristics, combined with the actual project location and the characteristics of the surrounding facilities of the Anyang legend “mysterious bird” as the inspiration, The ASA design design team came up with a dynamic design with a modern atmosphere.




Designer Deng Ning, Irene Duan, Professional assistance: Shu Dong Li, Marque Cornblatt, Douglas Henry.

About ASA
ASA is an aviation organization based in Silicon Valley, California. The members include US and International manufacturers, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The association is designed to establish an international exchange platform to promote and develop aviation sports. The ASA provides support and services to help aviation manufacturers with their business developments while also focusing on the most potential Chinese market to support aviation businesses growth. ASA has strategic cooperation agreements with China’s national level aviation administrative offices such as Aero Sports Federation of China(ASFC), Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China(AOPA), and regional aviation industry development zone in Wuhan City, Zheng Zhou City, Anyang City etc. ASA also has cooperated with big investment companies such as China Communications Construction Company Ltd.(CCCC), China International Trust Investment Corporation(CITIC), as well as Greentown Real Estate Group Company Ltd., to invest and develop China’s aviation industry. 

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About Aerial Sports League

The Aerial Sports LeagueTM (ASL) is a worldwide leader in drone sports, entertainment and media. Since 2012, the ASL team has been creating and promoting drone sports and has been a cornerstone of the drone sports community. ASL has hosted 800,000 spectators at live events since 2015, has earned over 8.5 million video views and over 50,000 social media followers. ASL pioneered fun-based drone education and has taught thousands of new pilots of all ages to build & fly drones through events, meetups and STEM education programs. ASL is currently developing a full-time technology and sports entertainment destination.

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