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ASL has expanded in to the UK, and kicked off the year with our first Maker Faire UK event which was an FPV spectacular with micro-scale racing.

     We now bring Micro-scale drone racing to the masses and give you the gateway experience to the thrill of FPV, or "First Person View" flying -- like Superman! So, maybe you've seen drone racing on Youtube, or just heard about it from a friend. Perhaps you have a photography drone and want to make the jump to a zero-latency racing experience, but you don't know where to begin?

      We provide a beginners FPV experience that will give you the knowledge and skill required to begin your new drone journey.

 Learn to fly a tiny, camera-equipped drone using First Person View (FPV) technology in a special workshop at the University of Essex Colchester campus!

     This 90 minute session covers all the basics of micro-scale drone racing. These small, palm sized drones (9.6 x 9.6 x 5.8 cm) and weigh less than 85 grams. Because of their small size, they are perfect for flying indoors and very safe for children.

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Micro-Drone Education

comes to the UK

Each 90 minute session includes:

  • Leadership & instruction from trained staff and volunteers

  • Hands-on construction of a micro quadcopter, complete with all accessories.

  • Intro to LOS (line-of-sight) & FPV flying.

  • Rules, regulations and best practices.

  • Available flight simulators to hone pilot skills.

  • Fly and keep the drone you build.

     Registration includes admission for the participant (minimum age 10) and one guest.  Pilots ages 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult. All equipment needed to operate the nano drone including, battery and charging equipment, is included.

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