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Aerial Sports League
YMCA video curriculum guide

ASL Website Link:

ASL Certified HIRO 450 - Build Guide

ASL Certified HIRO 450mm Combat Drone - illustrated build guide

  • HIRO Build guide (instructional booklet)


Drone Sports Videos

  • Watch Battle Drones Cage Fight - 2 minutes

Drone combat with HIRO at Maker Faire New York, September 2015.


  • Meet the 15-Year-Old Prodigy Dominating Drone Fight Club (7 minutes)

Kyle Ettinger and his custom-made combat drone.


  • Web Slinging Combat Drone brings the house down at Maker Faire (90 seconds)

Maker Faire 2016 footage showing Kyle Ettinger’s net launching HIRO drone taking down the competition in one-on-one drone combat. May 2016


HIRO 450 airframe background story and testing

  • Battle Drone Crash Test - DIY Bulletproof, Waterproof UAV from Aerial Sports League (6 minutes)

Early video showing vacu-forming technique for creation of early Game of Drones prototype of current ASL HIRO airframe. Torture testing includes paintball, water landings and crash tests. May 2013.


  • Drone Torture Test #2 - UAV Airframe Beat Down -  (3 minutes)

Another early HIRO prototype video with the “Science Bat” testing approach to determine airframe strength. Jan 2014.


  • Drone Torture Test #3: Water Cannons and Splashdowns   

How-to video for water-proofing the HIRO 450


  • Game of Drones Final Battle @ Maker Faire 2014 (11 minutes)


Drone Hardware Videos

  • Brushless Motor Numbers Explained (KV etc)   (8 minutes)

“Similar to the LIPO overview from a while back here is a short video to cover the basics of brushless motor numbers and stats. Published on Apr 10, 2014



Flight Videos

Basics of drone flight control


  • Tutorial and introduction to drone flight basics (14 minutes)


    • “Want to learn to do more than just hover your quadcopter? This flight tutorial video will help you learn how to fly and turn your quadcopter. Horizontal translational flying is not obvious to most people. We'll start the lesson with simple out and back flying, progress through rudder turns, and complete the lesson with an intro to banked turning. Published on Dec 19, 2014”


    • This is a tutorial video detailing flying tips on how to turn a quadcopter. Banked turns, sideslip rudder turns, and turn tightening with pitch control are discussed. For this video, I used the very nimble $45 WLToys V212 6 axis quadcopter. Great for beginners and advanced flyers alike. Published on May 25, 2014



Advanced Learning Videos

  • The Astounding Athletic Power of Quadcopters | Raffaello D'Andrea | TED Talks (16 minutes)


  • Advanced: Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly ... and cooperate

Intro to flight mechanics including mathematical equations. Ways to utiliize drones. Navigating obstacles. AI aspects of learned machine behavior. Swarming technology including decentralized control, use of local information and some great footage of swarm drone flights. Use of motion-capture systems to enable autonomous flight. Autonomous mapping.

  • Andreas Raptopoulos: No roads? There's a drone for that

A billion people in the world lack access to all-season roads. Could the structure of the internet provide a model for how to reach them? Andreas Raptopoulos of Matternet thinks so. He introduces a new type of transportation system that uses electric autonomous flying machines to deliver medicine, food, goods and supplies wherever they are needed. Published on Nov 21, 2013


Advanced Learning - Written


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